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Section for categories about the UK Mirror Class Assocation.

Category for information about who we are, what we do

A  Category for articles about our partners.

A section for categories about how to repair your boat, how to fit it out and how to rig it.

A category for articles about rigging up your Mirror dinghy

A female model sitting in the stern of a Mirror dinghy with the camera on the bow of the boat

For a very basic hull fit out, the Bell Woodworking building instructions from the 1960s may be sufficient. Details are on pages 19 (mast step), 23, 24 & 25.

For a more sophisticated and up to date fit out, read the following articles.

This is a description the stages in a restoration / annual maintenance presented in a logical manner. Needless to say GRP Mirrors need less maintenance than wood, and the amount of time you have will vary, so you can just pick articles to suit your circumstances.


I am all in favour of seeing old wooden Mirrors restored back to good condition. In a way, a restoration is just annual maintence writ large. It does take quite a long time, and, given the current (2018) market for second hand wooden boats, the result probably won’t fetch a high price if you come to sell.

It can be difficult or even impossible to restore water damaged ply back so it will look good when varnished. If the inside of a boat’s buoyancy tanks were not thoroughly painted or varnished when it was built, this is likely to be a source of problems until it is sorted out (and to do this you have to take the decks off, which is really difficult).

This Section contains categories for Racing, training and events

A Category for articles about racing.

This sub-section of the website covers Mirror World Championships

A section for Categories about buying a Mirror dinghy.

A section for articles about buying a Mirror dinghy.

Boat builders who have professionally built Mirror dinghies from kits supplied by a Licenced Kit Manufacturer.

A Section for photos and videos.

A category for videos.

A section for Categories for articles giving advise to Fleet Captains.

A category for articles about publicity for events and clubs

There have been 3 all GRP Mirrors produced in the UK over the years. They are, in order of appearance:

There have been 3 interior designs for Mirror dinghies over the years. They are, in order of appearance:

Section for all the non-racing categories, such as cruising, rowing and just generally messing about in boats.

We occasionally get enquires from ex-owners, or their family, looking for their old Mirror dinghy. Sadly it's unusual to be able to track down the location of a particular boat, but you never know.

The UK Mirror Class Association no longer keeps records of who owns which Mirror dinghy (as we did up until about 1990). However, you can do a simple search for the sail number on this website using the search menu item in the red banner at the top of the site. Sadly we don't have much content prior to about 2011, and what we do have is mainly open meetings, Mirror championships and boats for sale, so it's quite possible for a Mirror to be sailing or racing at a club without it cropping up on our site.

You can also try Googling "Mirror dinghy <sailnumber>", but again, if she's just be cruised, rather than raced, her number probably won't show up.

Another tack is to try and track her down by asking who she was sold to or looking locally to where they sailed. Boat don't tend to move huge distances when they are sold, so it's possible it might still be local to the previous owner(s) club(s).

Another option, if you do Facebook, is to try posting on one, or both of the Facebook Mirror groups popular in the UK, asking if anyone knows of the boat. It's a bit of a long shot, but again, you never know.

Gernot Hirsinger runs a Mirror Dinghy Forum and maintains (as  time allows) a roll call of Mirror dinghies, so worth checking there.

If you e-mail Martin Egan with the boat details and your contact details, we can create a 'boat article' for her, including that you are searching for her and your contact details. It's not much, but if anyone searches for her on Google etc., they should now at least get that article as a hit (it will take Google a few days to index it). The list is also displayed on this website (see below). Needless to say, I can add photos and history to the article if you want. Also, if someone trys to sell her through this site, I should be able to alert you.

Here is the current list of boats which have ex-owners/family looking for them.

There are some books on sailing Mirror dinghies that have been published in the UK over the years.

The books which are no longer in print do turn up in used condition from time to time on sites like Amazon, or in local second hand bookshops. Needless to say, a book written in, say 1980, will reflect the rules and state of Mirror sailing in 1980. Things move on, ideas change, rules change, so the older books will be of little use if you want advise on rigging a bermuda mast on a boat with a centre mainsheet or a flyaway spinnaker pole system. However, they do still contain some useful advise on basic fittings (either rig), setting up a gunter rigged boat & racing basics.

In order of age, they are:

Covers things like an FAQ about how to use SailRacer.

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