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40th Anniversary Trophy

A tall silver cup with handles

The 40th Anniversary Trophy, engraved with 'The 40th Trophy Abersoch Nationals', presumably donated at the 2003 (40th Anniversary) Nationals in Abersoch, is awarded to the winners of the eighth race at the National Championships.

Here are some photographs of past winners

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Year Held by Note
2017 Stan & Penny Bland (AUS) With Martin Egan
2016 Bertie Fisher & Felix Kent  
2015 Dave & Imogen Wade  
2014   not awarded to Henry & Jamie Rastrick for some reason
2013 Andy & Katie Smith According to the 2013 Nationals trophy list.
2012   Returned, photographed, but not awarded (no race 8)
2011 Rory Mackenzie & Harvey Martin  
2010 Chris Rust & Eddie Bridle  
2009 Charlotte Fitzgerald & Annie Sibthorp  
2008 Emma & Martina Barry We don't know why this was awarded (as there was no race 8)
2007 Craig & Charlotte Bond  
2004 Dan & James Ellis  
2003 Rosie Chapman  


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