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1963 Trophy

A small silver cup with two handles and black plastic base

The 1963 Trophy is awarded to the Leading Helm over 49 years of age at the National Championships.

Here are some photographs of past winners

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Year Held by Note
2017 Simon Barwood (AUS) Held by Martin Egan
2016 Tim Rush  
2015 Nigel Thomas  
2014   Not awarded, Bruce Grant returned the trophy to Matt Grayson after 2014 Nationals
2012 Bruce Grant  
2011 Miles Odell  
2010 Martin Egan  
2006 Chris Winchatt  
2003 Alan Bennett  
2002 Alan Bennett  
2000 Howard Tear  
1999 Alan Bennett  
1998 Howard Tear  
1997 Chas Swift  
1996 Roy Platford  
1995 R.J. O'Shea  
1994 Roy Platford  
1993 V. Wade-Brown  
1992 J. Hugo  
1991 T. Sheppard  
1990 Harry Prangnell  


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