Western Trust & Savings Trophy

A silver cup with two handles with a black plastic base with silver ring

The Western Trust & Savings Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Crew's race at the National Championships.

Here are some photographs of past winners

There are no images in the gallery.


Year Held by Note
2016   Not awarded (no Crew's race), with Martin Egan
2015   Not awarded (no Crew's race) & trophy currently missing
2014   Not awarded (no Crew's race)
2013   Not awarded (no Crew's race)
2012   Photographed, but not awarded (no Crew's race)
1999 Jennifer Saker  
1998 Adam McGovern  
1994 Jethro Gebhard  
1993 Max Capener  
1992 Kate Gillow  
1991 C Greenstreet  
1989 D Ruddle  
1987 Furgus Ross  
1986 Furgus Ross  
1985 R Stubbs  

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