Gill National Youth Development Squad - Session 3

A dark blue GRP Mirror sailing downwind with spinnaker

In the third of the mirror training course, the sailors were sailing at Draycote Water SC, where, unlike the first two weeks, there was a decent breeze. The three pairs of sailors arrived at the club bright and early to have a brilliant weekend of learning taught by Niki Birrell, the two-time Paralympic medallist.

As there was a wind strength of about 16 knots throughout the weekend, the sailors spent their time battling with the wind, upwind, harnessing the wind, downwind and trying to stay alive on the reaches. On the first day Archie and Jack were champions, with consistent boat speed. On the second day, Sandy and Dougy managed to get the best results due to their great boat handling however the prize for the slowest righting of the boat from capsize went to the Tom and Daniel.

There may be have been some very tired legs coming off the water after all the hard work however there were plenty of smiles, especially since everyone got to eat some chocolate.

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