Built by Ms Amanda Kelly's father from a Bell Woodworking kit.


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This boat was advertised  for sale for £150 Alternatively the owner would consider giving it away to a voluntary organisation, school or similar.  Either way the buyer / recipient must arrange collection. Details were

  • Sailed in the 70's for a number of years
  • Stored in a garage for the last 35+ years.
  • In remarkably good condition considering how long it has been stored. I am pretty sure it  could go into the water as is. It just needs a tidy up.
  • Original wooden mast, boom & gaff.
  • Original Jeckells sails
  • Road trailer, but the tyres are perished beyond use.  Whoever takes it will need to jack it up and put new tyres on.
  • Flat trailing cover

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Boat is in South London and would need to be collected (and road trailer needs new tyres or wheels & tyres before it could be used).

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