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Grampian Regional Council team trophy

A silver cup with a plastic base

The Grampian Regional Council team trophy is awarded to the first team of three boats from the same club at the Scottish Championship.

Here are some photographs of past winners

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Year Held by Note
For the record, the following table was copied from the Mirror Sailing Scotland website
Ordering Year Ordering Club
2014 -
2013 Beaver SC
2012 St Mary's Loch SC
2011 Lerwick BC
2010 Newburgh SC
2009 Shetland SC
2008 Annandale SC
2007 Lerwick BC
2006 Royal Windermere YC
2005 Royal Findhorn YC
2004 Delting BC, Shetalnd
2003 Annandale SC
2002 -
2001 Walls BC, Shetalnd
2000 Sandwick SC
1999 St Mary's Loch SC
1998 Royal Findhorn YC
1997 Shetland SC
1996 -
1995 -
1994 Annandlae SC
1993 Royal Findhorn YC
1992 Royal Findhorn YC


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