4818 - Pennant

A white Mirror dinghy  sailing on a lake


Wood hull built by a Professional Carpenter , a woodwork teacher in Horsham, Sussex (his name is now unknown). Beautifully made with particular attention paid to the laminated joints.


Bought by my parents and used regularly for salt water family sailing in Suffolk. Always kept in a garage and regularly painted and varnished as needed.


Kept in garage storage.


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Took on and moved the boat to Bedfordshire. Painted and maintained with a new cover and launch trolley. Sailed on a fresh water lake for a couple of years (2010/11) then kept outside for several years after that, causing the current issues with the paint and varnish. Lack of time and space to bring inside to restore.

2014 to 2017

Stored in garage though no further maintenance work has been done.


This boat was advertised for sale for £100

A rare chance for a vintage (1966) Mirror Dinghy early sail number 4818.

A family treasure with a long history, suitable for a restoration project. Last sailed in 2011, paint and varnish are now peeling, though wood and joints appear sound. Full all wood equipment included:

  • Centre board
  • Tiller/rudder blade
  • Gunter wooden mast, gaff & boom.
  • Oars and rowlocks, plus short centre board for rowing

It has the two original sails plus long roof bars if needed, canvas cover and a launch trolley - also needs restoration

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  07736 362251, North Bedfordshire

She was sold in July.

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