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An old wooden Mirror dinghy on a trailer in a garden


Wood hull built by unknown builder


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This boat was advertised for sale for £75 , details were:

This boat appears to be unmodified since it was built in 1966. Judging by the lack of wear from the shroud & forestay loops at the top of the mast, it's not been sailed much.

  • A 'standard' (i.e. using exactly the fit out supplied with the kit) Mirror built in 1966
  • Wooden Gunter mast, boom and gaff.
  • Rigging and sails (there is a rudder stock, but not shown in the photos)
  • Oars
  • Launch trolley (the trailer is not for sale)
  • No fitted cover (editors note - I guess it's a tarpaulin)
  • It has a small amount of damage in the floor which needs attention,The floor repair required was due to the Mirror slipping sideways on the trailer bringing it back from the river a couple of weeks ago and the trailer support strutt shifted under to one side and lifted and cracked the small section of the floor , I've glued it down and repaired to get it back in place but needs a better job as am sure will leak as is .

Contact David Barker, 07801 425610, KT20 postcode, Surrey.

She was collected by a local boatbuilder in October.

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