48455 - Puzzle

 A wooden Mirror dinghy  propped against a wall in a large garage


Wood hull built by Donalee & Ora Flaningam

1976 - 1985

 Li takes up the story 'Dad and I raced for several years after that (we were usually dead last, but it was such fun!), until we retired the "Puzzle" in the mid-80s.'


This boat is now for sale for $500 (Michigan USA)

48455 - Puzzle is available for sale.

It is a complete, sailable boat and I have all the pieces. However, it has been sitting in the same position for 25 years, and I seem to remember dad mentioning a soft spot in the hull somewhere. There us NOT a trailer. Unfortunately, ours was stolen. I have decided that I will ask $500 for it, and the boat is in Midland, Michigan. 
I dug out all the sheets and examined them and all look to be in good shape.
The Original main sail and spinnaker are also in good shape. However, I also discovered that my dad apparently (not remembered by me -- hey, I was a kid! Lol!) bought a second mainsail, and I found the jib rolled with it, and they appear to be in excellent shape. 
My dad wanted to make better showings in the Higgins Lake regattas, so over the years, he made several changes to the boat, to shave weight, better sails, rigging changes... I didn't remember the second sail, but I must have been involved, because I raced with him for several years. 
I also found both the rudder and the daggerboard, and they are dusty and cobwebby, but otherwise, in excellent condition. 
I will be in Midland, Michigan, USA in late October 2022. The boat must be sold by next Spring (i.e. 2023); that's when we have decided to stop making our Michigan trips.

 Contact Li Flaningam This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , location  Midland, Michigan, USA

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