RYA NJS at Carsington 12th & 13th March 2011

The day dawned bright, grey and cold on the 16 sailors rigging their boats, up in the North at Carsington Water. The usual enthusiasm was present, but possibly marred by the want of a lie in! Anyway, with boats rigged and kit in the changing room, the National Squad ambled over to the briefing hut. Ross and Alex were sitting waiting, dubious of another weekend with us rowdy crew.

The briefing was brief, just a run through of what we were doing (tactics and strategy) and then it was time to get on the water. Dressed up in our full winter kit (in March) we careered onto the slipway and launched.

We were met by the usual lake weather: light and shifty, which gave the sea sailors a bit of a challenge. After the ‘Power hour’ warm up, we settled into the excersises.  When the sailing watch struck 12:30, we drifted in for lunch, ate lunch, put on some more layers, then  got ready to launch again. In the afternoon, we were practice racing with the zonies, and the winter squad, to get in some crowded line practice and fleet tactics. All may not have
gone to plan for some boats, but it was enjoyable none the less. The evening held our usual meal at a nearby pub, and even though
some of the squad unfortunately couldn’t be there, it was highly entertaining – nothing of course to do with us betting what pint Ross would buy, and then being highly disappointed when he didn’t return with Magners Irish Cider or a pint of Guinness.

Sunday, thankfully, was significantly warmer than the previous day. We did a few more excersises here and there: getting water in the boat whilst being too eager to do an aggressive roll tack or 720, that sort of thing. We popped in a bit of ambitious sunbathing during lunch, then sailed out for our usual racing at the end of the weekend. I would like to say that the zonies and the winter squad gave us a run for our money, but I would never admit to that *cough cough*.

Overall, it was a successful weekend for everyone, with plenty of stuff learned, and plenty of laughs had. Thanks again to Ross and Alex for their
invaluable coaching, and see you all at Rutland.

Report by Helena Pugh

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