RYA North Zone Squad at Leeds Trinity University 6th November 2011

The RYA Mirror North Zone Squad 2011 - 2012 had their land day at Leeds Trinity University on 6th November, the first time the group had been together as a squad.

After an ice breaking activity the squad bonded really well and were swapping phone numbers by lunch! It was an informative and enjoyable day for all, learning about ideal boat setup, nutrition, hydration, physical fitness and the ‘Controllables.’ We also had a very interesting talk from physiotherapist Kate who taught us about the importance of maintaining good posture when sailing. Unfortunately a little saying in our family will have to stop ‘Spam is the food of champions!’ sadly this is the third time we have been told it isn’t! No more spam sandwiches on a morning, looks like it’s porridge for me! The zone squad are looking forward to the 19/20 November for their first weekend at South Staffs, the first of what will surely be a fantastic winter!

The current squad is:

  • Rachel Grayson and George Richards
  • April and Jamie Whiteley
  • Ben and Gabe Hill
  • Tom Howarth and James Butt
  • Chloe Macaulay and Isobel Leroux
  • Oliver and James King
  • Hettie Stevens and Alice Massam

Report by Reg

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