Class Rules

As Mirrors are an International Class, the class rules are published by ISAF. You can download a copy from the Mirror Class microsite on the ISAF website.

To ensure you get the latest version, you need to navigate as follows

  • Go to the Mirror Class microsite on the ISAF website.
  • Click the "Technical" tab
  • A list of documents appears. Click "Class Rules - Mirror"
  • Another page opens with links to all recent revisions of the class rules. Click the lastest copy of the class rules which will be at the top of the "Revision History" list and will have a name with format MIRYYYYCRDDMMYY.pdf

ISAF also issue, with every new revsion of the  class rules, an "amendment sheet" with name format MIRYYYYCRCDDMMYY.pdf which summaries the rule changes in the latest revision. This is useful if you just want to know what has changed.

As far as possible we use the ISAF Equipment Rules Of Sailing (ERS) for definitions. Where a term appears in bold type within the class rules, it is being used in the sense defined in the ERS. You can download the latest version from the Equipment Rules Of Sailing page on the ISAF website.