NeilPryde National Youth Development Squad south session 2 at Warsash SC

The national youth development squad, south zone had their second training weekend at Warsash sailing club on the of 3-4 November. The focus of the weekend was boat speed.

We arrived to about 20 knots and after a quick briefing we headed out to do a windward leeward course to get comfortable with the conditions. When everyone was happy we did follow my leader into upwind and did tacking on the whistle so that we could compare speed and find out who was going fastest.

This was really fun in the windy conditions. We then did the same downwind and did some gybing. After lunch we did a tack or duck exercise and then did two races. The first was won by Patrick and Felix, the second by Rebecca and Niamh. In the evening as it was bonfire night most of us went off and saw fireworks.

On Sunday morning it was too windy to sail so we did fitness and wrote down our routines for our hoists and drops. Then we dressed up warm and went out to our boats to do some boat calibration, we marked our jib sheets and kickers and measured our mast rakes. In the afternoon we put what we wrote into practice with a race but unfortunately the wind dropped off to almost nothing and the tide was against us making it difficult to finish.  It was a great weekend. Thanks to Chris and Izzy for coaching us.

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