World Championships 2015, Theewater, South Africa

World Championships - Day 2 Michela leads

Photography by Angela Caroline Gray. 

Life is Tough in Africa

The sun is beating down, very little shade, deadly snakes are circling you - it is a matter of survival!

Maybe a bit over dramatic - just another day at the Mirror Worlds! 7 hours on the water having lost Day One due to too much wind was a long day but the constant stream of water bottles, the supply of morale boosting pancakes from the GBR coach boat and a wind that built nicely during the day gave more excellent sailing conditions on Theewater Dam.

World Championships - Day 1

Boats launched into a very strong North Westerly which made the normally calm launching beach, a leeward shore with small breaking waves.  The Committee boat was recording gusts to 30 knots and there were some capsizes.

World Championships - Opening Ceremony

Mirror sailors marching behind a band

After the Practice Race (Trevor Wilkins' photos here) The Opening Ceremony for the 2015 Mirror Worlds started with a march through the local town of  Villiersdorp with the colourful Izivungu Vungu band (a charity that helps township children & youth) leading the way and the competitors and supporters marching country by country.

African Championships - Mirror sailing in Paradise

The Mirror Class African Championships - that sounds exotic - it certainly was! Theewater Dam, the South African version of Lake Garda, where the wind clocks in at 20-25 kts every day at around 12:00. Wake up every morning to sun and wind, followed by a leisurely breakfast, squad briefing at the club, rig on the beach and out onto an enormous reservoir that makes Rutland look like a little pond. Sail, return to shore and party with the fellow South African and Australian Mirror sailors - and they know how to party, particularly on New Year's Eve! What a great way to spend Christmas and New Year.

African Championships - Snake on the Start Line and Michaela & Ryan win

A brown snake swimming with head well above the water

The start of race 7 was delayed when the wind shifted a long way left shortly before the scheduled warning signal and also because a Cape Cobra was spotted swimming near the start line. With the wildlife safely ashore and the force 2 wind back to a northerly, the race got underway - two laps of a windward-leeward course.

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