Shroud replacement

09 Oct 2012 21:09 #21189 by Stan Bland
We have a number of old wooden Mirrors in Sydney that we are renovating and several need new shrouds. Does anyone know what the standard size is for this stainless steel rope as we have different sizes.We are leaning towards 2mm 19 core at present which has a breaking strain of 323KG but are also looking at 1.6mm with a breaking strain of 182KG.
Does anyone have any experience of using the 1.6mm 19 core?
The 7*7 core has been mentioned as more flexible but it loses out on breaking strain.

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10 Oct 2012 08:49 #21190 by Martin Egan
Replied by Martin Egan on topic Re: Shroud replacement
Hi Stan,

you should use minimum 2mm wire on the shrouds and other standing rigging so you comply with class rule 6.1.1.

You can download a copy of the class rules from the ISAF website by following the instructions here

Here in the UK everyone uses 19 core wire on standing rigging. I've just checked a set of my own shrouds with my vernier calipers and they are 2.5mm

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