New old Mirror!

27 Feb 2013 10:18 #21200 by Graham Thumwood
I have just started building Mirror kit 47889 - well I say started building - the previous owner put the dagger board case together in 1975 so this may class as the longest build in history! The last Mirror I built way back when I was a teenager in the seventies was 54367 so this one is older than my last one.

I will no doubt have lots of questions as I try and get this together but to a modern spec but my first is regarding centre main sheet. I have fitted a conversion kit to all our club mirrors consisting of triangular plates epoxied to the plate case to carry the block mounting but it would be nicer as this is a new build to make new plate case sides with the extension as part of them if you see what I mean. However would this mean the boat wouldn't measure as I have replaced part of the kit?


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27 Feb 2013 18:41 #21201 by Bob Towler
Replied by Bob Towler on topic Re: New old Mirror!
Interesting Question Graham, I think this may be one for martin Egan. Hope the build goes well.


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28 Feb 2013 08:09 #21203 by Graham Thumwood
Replied by Graham Thumwood on topic Re: New old Mirror!
Hmmm, yet more questions whilst waiting for someone to answer the new mainsheet mounting one...

1 - when I last built a mirror it was not allowed to alter the rudder to make the blade vertical (I had to alter mine back to get a measurement cert) but all the pictures of modern mirrors seem to shoe the blade with the leading edge vertical. Is this allowed now?

2 - Is it now allowed to drain out through the stern transom?

3 - looking through all the forums I noticed that there were proposals to allow wooden boats to stiffen the floor and brace the thwart ends inside the tanks - did anything come of this?

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08 Mar 2013 20:31 - 08 Mar 2013 20:37 #21210 by Martin Egan
Replied by Martin Egan on topic Re: New old Mirror!
Hi Graham,

You can download a copy of the current class rules from the ISAF website by following the instructions here

Going through your questions:

1) Yes, you can now have a vertical leading edge on the rudder blade (but it must not go forward of vertical), see Class rule 3.9

2) Yes, you can have drains into the aft tank, see Class rule 1.5.8.

3) Yes, I think these came in during the early 1990's. Bell/Widebeam used to supply a plywood bulkhead with a big hole in the middle (to save weight), cutouts for the beams and limber holes, see class rule I'm sure Duffin Marine will supply you one (and see below).

At the moment you can't change the daggerboard side panels so they extend aft at the top to form a knee to support a centre mainsheet block platform BUT, there is a substantial update to the wooden boat specification which progressing though the rule change process. At the moment the National Class Associations are voting on it and it looks likely to go through. It still needs to get through the ISAF Class Rules sub-committee, so I can't promise anything. If it passes in its current form it would allow over length daggerboard knees, over length daggerboard case top battens and daggerboard side panels which extend aft at the top to form a knee with the intention of creating a platform for a centre mainsheet block.

It also changes the rules so if you have a kit which omits an optional part, or an option on a mandatory part, you can buy a part from a kit manufacturer and add it in, or make one yourself.

By the way, we have some more up date building instructions than the ones that came with your kit (still not perfect). They are available on the website and were kindly supplied by Mirror Sailing Developments in Canada, more details and a link here

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