Positioning of jib cleats & fairleads

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24 Mar 2007 14:31 #19788 by Paul21
Just stripped an old boat down and now ready to varnish and put hull fittings back on. The previous owner had the cleats/fairleads on the wooden handles by the gunnel. I see that the vast majority are now inboard. Any tips as to were to place them (measurments and angles) and the best type of cleats/fairleads... thanks

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24 Mar 2007 18:03 #14677 by LevanteIRL67592
Replied by LevanteIRL67592 on topic Positioning of jib cleats & fairleads
It really depends on the type of sails you are planning to use. Different cuts need the cleats in different positions. Unless you have sails that have been specially designed to go with inboard cleats, all moving them will do is choke the slot and slow you down.

Just for a reference, a line from one of my jib fairleads to the for'd chainplate makes an angle of about 13 degrees to the centre line of the boat. (My fairleads are bolted onto the thwart)

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24 Mar 2007 19:22 #14679 by flyingpig
Replied by flyingpig on topic Positioning of jib cleats & fairleads
I thought it was only with the fairleads on the thwart that you needed the different cut of sail. Can't you get away with the traditional jib using fairleads on the side tank (if you can find/make something strong enough to fix them to) ????

pigs might.....

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24 Mar 2007 21:58 #14680 by Paul Hansen
Yes you are right flying pig, the fairleads can be positioned on the tank for Jeckels sails, we screwed them into the stringer half way across the tank on our original Mirror.

Some boats have epoxied a plywood square on top of the tank to screw into, as long as the block is less than 1" high this should be in the rules. A good way to check the angle is to lock the mainsail with the main sheet perpendicular as it would be on a beat, then point the boat as close to windward as possible without closing the slot, this sould give the optimum point for the fairlead. Measure the position and put the other side fairlead at exactly the same measurement.

Remember if you do this to mark your jibsheets as well, because when sailing if you pull them in really tight you could choke the jib.<img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

Hope this helps
Paul <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

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