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11 May 2007 12:08 #19869 by LukeDolman
US MCA - Update on progress was created by LukeDolman
Hello all - it's been a while since the initial flurry of emails so I thought it would be worth giving you an update.

I had an email in late April from the president of the original US MCA confirming that they were disbanding the association and saying there was nothing stopping us from setting up a new one. At this point the US Mirror Sailing website was amended to become the US Mirror Class Association website (albeit still called ) and we're now focussing efforts on re-recruiting the original membership by way of an open letter that is being sent to all the past members. There are over 100 of these so we're hopeful that getting to our target of 20 boats shouldn't be too difficult.

In addition to this we are also very chuffed with the way the website is performing and we're getting a steadily increasing stream of mails from the contact form. A huge "Thank You" to whoever it was as added our link to Wikipedia!! That link alone is generating a lot of traffic, as too are the links from the UK, Irish and Canadian sites. We're also seeing our first independant hits from Google now.

We have also been in contact with US SAILING and updated the details for the US MCA to be our own rather than the previous group. This is the first hit you get with most searches for Mirror Dinghy in the US so I'm hopeful that this too will result in more people getting in contact with us.

Our founding group is currently made up of three folks. Myself in Connecticut, Richard Larson in Long Island and Mark Tomlinson in California. The fact that we were all able to find each other is ample testament to the power of the internet and we see the future of the US MCA as being that of an online contact network that will enable US based Mirror enthusiasts to find each other and meet up at local - and potentially national - level.

We're planning some small scale events for this summer to get us started. Richard is proposing a cruise around the inshore bays of Long Island which, frankly, looks like a stunning idea, particularly if we get hot weather for it. In parallel I'm trying to gain launch and beach access to Candlewood Lake in CT (roughly the size of Windermere) for a regatta. Given the likely age and disparity of members boats, lack of offical measurers, etc, etc, we'll not be concentrating on serious class racing - at least not to start with. We're aiming more to recapture the Mirror Mania type events of the 60s and 70s - collecting floating gin bottles around a course, sailing backwards, getting wet... basically family orientated fun stuff that culminates in a BBQ and beverages of choice for the participants.

We welcome support and interest from anywhere, even if you're not in the US and/or don't own a Mirror at the moment. You can contact me at .


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