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Mirror dinghies on starboard tack on a lake in a light wind

The weekend started with a lovely sunny day, but disappointingly no wind. Midday, the postponement flag went up with a review every hour, leaving us plenty of time to play in the park and enjoy the bouncy castle. At 3pm the decision was made that there would be no sailing on Saturday. Northampton kindly provided paddle boarding and bell boating, which was followed by a lovely supper.

Paddle boarding and bell boating on Saturday afternoon

On sunday we got up early to try and fit in 5 races, with a 9am committee boat start. The first race was very light winds and playing the shifts on the beat proved critical. We crossed the line first, George Richards followed and then Robert Richardson and Megan Thornley and Eleanor Keers and Izzy Bellfield finishing together.

In the second race there were again very light winds with areas that paid and others that were completely dead. 1st Gemma and Imogen, 2nd George, 3rd Harriet and Helena watkins with Robert and Megan 4th.

In race 3, two boats were OCS but went back; 1st Gemma and Imogen, 2nd Robert and Megan, 3rd George and Alex and 4th Eleanor and lzzy.

In race 4 Hannah and Ollie Wilson lead the way with Eleanor and Izzy following; catching the gusts and playing the shifts again proved crucial. 1st Eleanor and Izzy, 2nd Gemma and Imogen, 3rd Harriet and Helena and George and Alex got 4th.

The final race had 3 boats battling for third place. Eleanor and Izzy were OCS, with me and lmmy capsizing on the start due to a gust followed by a lull. Ed Hansell and Sally Lorimer won, with Robert and Megan coming second to secure 3rd overall.

The full results are on SailScore.

Thank you: Northampton SC for a lovely weekend, you are always great hosts. Special thanks to Chris Bowen the Race Officer, NeilPryde and the Eric Twiname Trust tor the the sponsorship support.

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