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Looe SC library photos of the teams racing by Neil Richardson

The latest Gul south west Mirror traveller event was a hit. Hosted by Looe Sailing Club, with 11 mirrors racing alongside the club's Enterprise open meeting. The 20 boat fleet was met by a steady 12kt breeze from the south west meaning that close skilful racing was guaranteed to be key to success.

With the first start dominated by the Restronguet travellers, the locals really had to up their game to compete. It was close at the top end of the fleet as well as the back, with everyone having an equal component to race against meant that everybody was tired by the end. Although the Looe boats put up quite the battle they had to reluctantly finish behind Scarlett Shepard and Harvey Martin from Restronguet who lead from start to the end, followed closely by Esther Bowdler and Scarlett Crago from Looe. The race for third was on, with the battle between Martin Egan & Freddy Martin, Joe Jackman & Jack Sargent and Ollie & Archie Hawkins on the final gybe & reach. Joe &  Jack from Looe just pipping  Ollie & Archie for third with traveller Martin & Freddy in 5th.

The second race was following a similar pattern. Scarlett and Harvey leading out from the start until the final beat where after a tacking battle they lost by five boat lengths after a tight port crossing from local Esther and Scarlett who claimed their first bullet. Martin and Freddy came home in 3rd followed by Jess Rudd and Ruby Porter in 4th.

With the fleet being joined by the LSC club race sailers and classes, and getting more confident at pushing the line the third start was always going to be recalled. In the end the PRO decided on a general. Not to be outdone, the Enterprise fleet did exactly the same 5mins later!  This meant the pressure was on to get it right the next time. Local boat Joe and Jack had the best start claiming the clean air. The two leaders, Esther and Scarlett who both had a first and second, suffered on the startling but Esther powered over giving Scarlett dirty wind and forcing her to tack away. Following closely, Esther put in a tack covering the restronguet traveller causing them to tack left and out to sea whereas the local sailed right and in towards land.

The local knowledge rained supreme where after a days racing only now did the locals go the right way up the beat taking full advantage of the wind bend they have been waiting for and leaving the travellers to trail behind. This left Esther and Scarlett with a good lead at the first windward mark and even though Scarlett and Harvey cut into the lead over the next two laps they were never quite close enough to challenge. Once again Martin and Freddy completed the podium with Ollie and Archie in 4th

The prize giving up at the club house was well attended by everyone involved,

Merit awards were given to Joe Jackman and Jack Sargent for  being the top club boat. Lauren Bowdler also received a copy of The Mirror Book for her first event helming and improvement through the day.

Finally, a special cake was presented to Scarlett Shepard as it was her birthday as well as the entire sailing club singing Happy Birthday to her twice!

Results - 3 races, 2 to count

Place Helm & Crew Boat Club R1 R2 R3 Nett Total
1 Esther Bowdler & Scarlett
70537 - Complete & Utter Chaos Looe SC (2) 1 1 4 2
2 Scarlett Shepherd & Harvey Martin 70716 - The Bootle Bumtrinket Restronguet SC 1 (2) 2 5 3
3 Martin Egan & Freddy Martin 69667 - Bold Forester Restronguet SC (5) 3 3 11 6
4 Joe Jackman & Jack Sargent 70534 - Arctic Donkeez Looe SC 3 (5) 5 13 8
5 Oliver & Archie Hawkins 70810 - YOLO Looe SC 4 (6) 4 14 8
6 Jess Rudd & Ruby Porter 70606 - All The Right Reasons Looe SC (6) 4 6 16 10
7 Mike & Freya Visick 70426 - Benina Split Looe SC (7) 7 7 21 14
8 Daisy Jaycock & Maddie Jackman 64934 - Thing 2 Looe SC (8) 8 8 24 16
9 Tom Landan & Tom McLaren 60478 - Crabb Apple Looe SC 9 9 (11) 29 18
10 Lauren Bowdler & Dan Blewitt 31809 - Floyd Looe SC (11) 10 9 30 19
11 Morgan Steeper & Tiedee Gibson 69439 - B-Czar Looe SC 10 (11) 10 31 20

The current position in the Gul SW Travellers is

Place Helm & Crew Boat Club PZSC RSC LSC MBSC RPCYC Total
1 Esther Bowdler & Scarlett
70537 - Complete & Utter Chaos Looe SC 4 1


2 Scarlett Shepherd & Harvey Martin 70716 - The Bootle Bumtrinket Restronguet SC 3 2 2     7
3 Martin Egan & Freddy Martin / George Lenney 69667 - Bold Forester Restronguet SC 6 3 3     12
4 Oliver & Archie Hawkins 70810 - YOLO Looe SC 7 4 5     16

Special thanks to Looe Sailing Club for hosting the event and to Gul for sponsoring and supplying the prizes. The next Navigators & General Nationwide Event & South West Traveller will be held at Mount's Bay Sailing Club on 5th & 6th July.

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