Silver Jubilee Trophy

A clear and blue glass trophy with a black plastic base

The Silver Jubilee Trophy is awarded to the 25th Boat Overall at the National Championships. I think the original was presented at the 1988 Silver Jubilee Nationals. The 2003 Nationals report states "Original large trophy missing, Pewter jug substituted in 2002 or earlier" . The current blue & clear glass trophy was presented by Vikings Sailing Club in Malta at the 2011 Nationals.

Here are some photographs of past winners


Year Held by Note
2022 Steve Bland  
2021 Bethan & Huw Reynolds  
2019 Tom Cluett & Toby Griffen  
2018 Steve & Joe Bland  
2017 Thomas Langan & Ruby Porter  
2016   Not returned by Harry Marsden
2015   Not returned by Harry Marsden
2014   Not returned by Harry Marsden
2013   Not returned, so not awarded according to the 2013 trophy list.
2012 Izzy McParland & Harry Marsden See the 2012 trophy list
2011 Joanna Kalderon & Imogen Pudney According to the 2011 trophy list.
2003 Nerissa & Silvania Booth  
2001   Not returned, so not awarded to Jaemi-Ann Gebhard & Ben Morris. With Nicholas Malone, from Ireland according to the event report.
1988 Jamie Lea & Adam May  

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