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A GRP foam sandwich boat with sails lowered and the camera pointing towards the bottom of the stowage bulkhead

This system is the standard kicker fitted to a Winder. It starts, in this instance, with some dyneema loops around the boom which the top block in the cascade is shackled to.

An offset clip photographed from above

The cascade starts on an offset clip which is fixed just aft of the mast step, and has two cascading blocks. Note that offset clips used like this are prone to cracking (the starboard side leg of this one is cracked), so need to checked, and if necessary, replaced, from time to time.

On the bulkhead, just below mast step level are two single blocks (in this case Allen A2020  20mm dynamic blocks), about 60mm apart, each attached with a vertical deck clip and with sheave vertical. These are visible (slightly out of focus) in the photo above, they have a black rope with lime and white marker running through them. These keep the control line more or less in line and slightly below the cascade, so giving more room for the crew.

At the bottom of the bulkhead are two double blocks (since this boat only has two controls led aft), again fixed with sheaves vertical.

The kicking strap control line is led back to the thwart and duplicated on both sides. Needless to say, this makes the control line quite long, so it needs to be made from a modern 'low stretch' rope. In the photos it's the black rope with the lime and white markers.

The port side control line comes from aft, upwards through the outside sheave of the port side double block, up through the port single block just below the mast step, up and through the block on the end of cascade, down through the starboard side single block, down through the outside sheave of the starboard double block and aft, down the starboard side of the boat. See the photo above.

Duplicated mainsail controls (kicker, downhaul) on the thwart of a Winder Mirror dinghy

Aft, it looks like this. A bit hard to see, but the kicking strap is the outside control line.



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