Time Shift - The Sailing Sixties (BBC documentary)

This BBC programme has some wonderful footage documenting how sailing for pleasure became available to the masses via affordable dinghies in the 1960s.

There is a section featuring Mirror dinghies which is just over 8 minutes long and starts the documentary (the video above is of this section). It features Sid Morris' boat 11 - Legs Eleven, Roy Partridge's boat 6330 - Menna, which was runner up at the 1967 Nationals. There is a bit of early footage which is thought to be from IPC (Iver) YC in Bucks (the International Publishing Corporation, IPC, was the parent company of the Daily Mirror newspaper) and this was also Roy Partridge's club. There is some more recent footage of 67808 'Scare the Fish' . Also featured is Barry Bucknell (about 6 minutes in) giving his views from aboard his catamaran in St Mawes harbour in Cornwall.

The full length video is linked from Yachts & Yachting here https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/228996/BBC-Four-presents-The-Sailing-Sixties

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