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THE Mirror Weekend here has brought the correct crop of buoyancy checks! and I have had to get a number corrected before passing.
if a speedy and effective seal is required in the stowage area, owners are at a loss to know what to do where the faulty joint is wet. Sometimes badly leaking tanks present them with a big problem and youngsters’ parents can’t always afford the likes of me!

I suggest that they use InternatonaI Interpad Epoxy Putty. It will set wet and can be put on a wet joint if necessary. Having failed so many tests and ended up doing the job there and then (sometimes for free) it might be worth getting International to take an advert on the strength of it.
Jack Chippendale—Chippendale & Mime Ltd., Norwich.

 Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 26 October 1976, page 2. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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