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Report by Rob Bodé, Mirror Class Captain of Mounts Bay SC.


Terrific Tom Cosier and Niamh O’Neill top Mounts Bay traveller. Following on from his victory in last year's Western championship, Restronguet SC's Tom Cosier once again proved that when light winds waft across the bay it's bound to be his day. With several superb sailors down from Poole, and racing tight among the front runners, it was a superb effort on Tom and Niamh's part.




Race One was taken by James and Esmé who, having been in third for the
previous laps, grabbed the lead with a brilliant last beat which took Kim
and Amy, as well as Tom and Niamh, by surprise.
Race Two was a Poole affair at the front. Rosie and Midge seemed to have
it in the bag until a slight wind shift allowed Kim and Amy a slight opening which they smashed through to take the spoils.
The probable deciding moment came at the beginning of Race 3 when, in an
effort to get an edge, and the win they needed, James and Esmé hit the line
a second too soon and suffered the flag of doom (an individual recall and
restart to the rest of us) from which position they sailed brilliantly to
reach fifth. A great day's sailing for all concerned.



Race 1: 1. James Wilkinson & Esme Shepherd 2. Tom Cosier & Niamh O'Neill
 3. Kim May-Papalliou & Amy Sparks

Race 2: 1. Kim May-Papalliou & Amy Sparks 2. Rosie & Midge Watkins 3. Tom
 Cosier & Niamh O'Neill

Race 3: 1. Tom Cosier & Niamh O'Neill 2. Rosie & Midge Watkins 3. Rebecca
 Stephens & Lisa Prichard

Overall: 1. Tom Cosier & Niamh O'Neill 2. Kim May-Papalliou & Amy Sparks
 3. Rosie & Midge Watkins.

1st Single-Hander Wendy Nancholas

The full results from this round of the 2011 GUL SW Travellers Series, together with the results from rounds 1 and 2 can be viewed on SailRacer using the following link:




Preparing to leave the beach during the recent Mirror Open Meeting at Mounts Bay SC 

Photo copyright of Ash Shepherd

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