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After a brief break over Christmas, it was 'all guns blazing' as Beaver Sailing club held its first event of 2012. 

Unfortunately the weather was not ideal as there was very little wind however; there was enough to get everyone moving, so we just had to keep the momentum going. The first race was interesting as we had to get used to the wind conditions, and we saw Will Hide and Emma Clayton win deservedly as they lead throughout the whole race, Sarah Richards was 2nd and Emma Grayson 3rd. It was really good to see Scott Bromley and his crew Joe right up there, as his crew hadn’t sailed before this! For the second race we luckily had more wind for the whole race so it was more exciting. Sarah Richards was first around the windward mark, followed by Emma Grayson and then right on her tail Will Hide and Emma Clayton. Down the second windward leg, it was hard to interpret the direction of the wind so some people decided to gybe and some didn’t, Emma decided not to gybe yet Sarah did gybe, resulting in Emma pulling out ahead and winning the second race however, sneaking up and taking second was Olly White, another single hander. Despite having possibly the oldest boat there, Lydia and Esther Parkhurst, did extremely well to say that they haven’t really sailed a mirror competitively before, so it would be brilliant to see them out again! The third race was not as enjoyable as the wind completely died and it was simply momentum keeping us going. Sarah Richards lead from the start until the last lap, as she experienced the ‘Beaver Mud’ resulting in her losing all her speed and the wind was unfortunately not strong enough to get her going again. Rachel Grayson and George Richards proved their good light wind sailing ability pulling out a second, behind older sister Emma Grayson who took the win. Again, Will Hide and Emma Clayton had a good race with 3rd and Olly White took fourth, another strong position. The competition was very enjoyable, and I think everybody had a lovely start to the year. I would like to thanks Asda so much for all the support they have given us and for the free sports drink and cereal bars, I think we all appreciate it! The overall results were: Emma Grayson 1st; Will Hide and Emma Clayton 2nd; Sarah Richards 3rd; Rachel Grayson and George Richards 4th; Olly White 5th; Scott Bromley and his brilliant crew Joe 6th; Sarah Clayton and Nell Rice-Birchill 7th; Malcolm Ellwood and Harri Van der Wal 8th; Richard Rennie 9th; Bob Towler 10th; Tom Dean and Dominic Daniel 11th and Lydia and Esther Parkshurst 12th. Well done everyone who competed!!

Report by Emma Grayson

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