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This will happen if you have a "favorite" for the MCA website which making your web browser try to go to . Usually such a favoriate has a pink icon with "CZ" in it, like this

pink free domain icon

These favorites were created during a period when a previous webmaster (Peter Sedgewick) had the site hosted under the domain name and the correct domain name was being redirected to Subsequently the website was moved to the domain. The domain name was not retained so now no longer works or is being used for general advertising.

There are two solutions to fix this problem (they work for me on Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8). You need to either

  1. Open your browser (Firefox, or Internet Explorer, or Chrome, or whatever) and put the address in the address box, or Google it and follow the link. Either way they should be able to get to the Mirror site Click "Home" on the menu, just to make sure they are on the home page. They should then save it to their favorites in the normal way. They should now have two favorites for the Mirror site - one with a proper Mirror "M" logo (this is the new one which works), one with a logo of a pink circle with "CZ" in it as illustrated above (this is the old one which does not work). They can get rid of the old favorite by moving their mouse over it so it changes colour, pressing the RIGHT mouse button and selecting "delete" from the little menu that appears.
  2. Select Favorites in the web browser, and move the mouse to the favorite so it changes colour, then press the RIGHT mouse button. A menu should appear, one option on the menu is called "properties". Select that and you will get a little window appear with two tabs. In the "Web Document" tab there is a field called "URL" with the address . Change this to and press OK. The favourite should now work (but will still have a logo which is the pink circle with "CZ" in it).

I think option 1. is probably the easier for the layman, as it involves no typing, so no chance to type in the address incorrectly, and you get the Mirror "M" logo on your favourite.

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