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This is a simple guide for Class Captains and Mirror event organisers for the 2013 season.

All events

  1. Try not to put events during the GCSE exam period because it seriously reduces the number of competitors participating. Also try not to put a training days or qualifying events on when the coaches have their annual conference (normally the weekend in the middle of September), because you'll find it extremely hard to find a coach for the training day.
  2. Make sure your event is in the 2013 events calander on this website. If it is missing, John Thornley can add it for you. Sarah Richards will endevour to add Mirror events to Yachts & Yachting's calander and onto SailRacer's list of events. If your event is missing, please let her know.
  3. If the event has a sponsor the sponsor's name should be used first in the title i.e. Neilpryde Junior National Championships.
  4. Online entry on SailRacer using the MCA account is only for the Nationwide Series events & Nationals, unless you specifically request it for another event.
  5. Temporary membership at £5 is available for Nationwide Series events and Traveller events, not Championships.
  6. Wherever possible membership should be purchased online via SailRacer.  An application form if available if this is not possible.
  7. Please report your event as laid out here and in any local media to help the class gain publicity.

Nationwide Series Events only

  1. Online entry will be £35 if enter by the 9pm on the Wednesday before the event. Late entry on the day will be £45.
  2. Please ask the club to send the invoice the MCA with the agreed entry fee price after the event. Invoices to be emailed to Rob Dean.
  3. The club will be asked to add this clause to the Sailing Instructions. 'Competitors are required to display the sponsor's hull stickers on the front third of the hull, on both port and starboard sides.'
  4. Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions should be approved by a MCA committee member.
  5. The club will be asked to display banners and flags supplied by the sponsors.
  6. Prizes will be supplied by the sponsor. There are MCA Trophies for Nationwide events that are also Scottish National or Area Championships. Contact Matt Grayson for details of these.
  7. Meals can be order and paid for via SailRacer if the club requires.
  8. An excel file of the entry will be send to the event organiser on Thursday or Friday before the event to give the club the opportunity to create a pre-populated Sailwave file.
  9. Medical forms will be sent to the event organiser on the Thursday or Friday before the event.
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