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The UK mirror squad met at Farmoor reservoir for their third and final weekend together before Christmas. We arrived to meet chilly weather, but perfect medium, force 3-4 winds to train; with our focus being starts and first beat strategy. 


The weekend began with a little fitness and stretching, then on to the briefing where we looked into different starting approaches and options. We were also considering wheat should be included in our pre start routine and how and when this should be done. Soon enough it was time to launch and do numerous 9, 6, 3 go starts where each time we tried a different approach.  After a few races the wind was still holding up and before we knew it it was time for lunch. 
In the afternoon we were doing more starting exercises including box starts and more 9, 6, 3 go starts. Alex jumped in a few boats to helped give ideas for routines and starting approaches.
The evening consisted of a squad night climbing and a delicious meal of pizza and crepes. Thanks to Andrew Richards for organising it for us! 
Saturdays focus was more on first beat strategy and so we did races ensuring that the beats were a realistic length in comparison to an event; and of course, more starting practice! 
The UK mirror squad had a great weekend,  even after the shock that we are already half way through the squad! We are looking forward to our next squad residential at Weymouth in February.


Report by Scarlett Shepherd

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